PM Modi inaugurates 91 FM transmitters to enhance radio connectivity across country

RNS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated 91 FM transmitters today to improve nationwide radio coverage. Video conferencing was used to launch the 100 Watt transmitters. These transmitters have been installed in 84 districts across 18 States and two Union Territories.

In his remarks, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to ensure that all citizens have access to modern technological resources.

He said the technological revolution in the country has helped radio emerge in a new avatar, and digital India has given new listeners to radio through online FMs and podcasts.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of these FM transmitters, saying that they will be used for everything from connecting women’s self-help groups to new marketplaces to providing farmers with accurate weather reports.

The future of Digital India may be seen in FM radio and DTH, he remarked. Many DTH services also offer educational programming. He also mentioned that the widespread availability of information is due to the low cost of mobile devices and data plans.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur said the opening of 91 FM transmitters would be beneficial in transmitting information related to entertainment, sports, and farming to the local people.

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