CTPS celebrates R’Day with patriotism

RNS: Chandrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS), a unit of DVC celebrated Republic Day with great enthusiasm. On this occasion, Senior General Manager and Project Head, Manoj Kumar Thakur, hoisted the national flag at the football ground during the grand ceremony and saluted the parade. He addressed the gathering, appealing to everyone to work for the welfare of the nation and society.

Speaking on the occasion, Thakur highlighted the positive contributions of Chandrapura Thermal Power Station towards the development of the country and society. He emphasised the efforts made by our ancestors to establish a society based on equality in the country. He stated that today, we have successfully built a socially prosperous nation, and India holds a special place in the world. Many fundamental societal issues have been addressed, and significant developmental work has taken place around Chandrapura Thermal Power Station.

He also stressed the importance of conserving electricity and water resources in the region. “Everyone to collectively work towards making India a developed nation,” he urged.

The celebration featured various patriotic songs, dances, and other programmes that showcased national pride. Thakur also hoisted the flag at the Officers’ Club and distributed sweets and blankets among the patients at the hospital.

Several other officials and dignitaries of DVC (Damodar Valley Corporation), school principals, and union representatives also unfurled the national flag at their respective offices. The ceremony was attended by Senior General Manager R.P. Shah, General Manager P.K. Mishra, Abhijit Ghosh, Deputy General Manager K.K. Singh, Dilip Kumar, Dr. P.K. Ghosh, Deputy General Manager Health Services Piyush Kanti Ghosh, Assistant Engineer Kanchan Asmita Toppo, Manager Finance L.P. Gupta, Deputy Manager U.P. Mandal, and B.M. Singh, who raised the flag at various locations in Chandrapura.

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