ESL Steel Limited Hosts Tech-Utsav to Foster Innovation and Collaboration

Bokaro: ESL Steel Limited, a Vedanta Group Company renowned for its commitment to innovation and digitalization, organized TechUtsav at its Siyaljori Plant premises today. This event, orchestrated by its Digital Team as part of the ongoing Digital Month 2.0 initiative, aimed to cultivate innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing within the technology community.

The event, which drew a crowd of over 200 attendees, predominantly ESL Steel employees, was inaugurated by Amitesh Sinha, Vice President & Head Corporate Venture Capital and Spark, Vedanta Limited. Bridging the gap between digital transformation and industrial learning, ESL Steel Limited invited 10 of its Business Partners to showcase their groundbreaking technological ideas.

As a part of bridging the gap between digital transformation and industrial learning, ESL Steel Limited invited 10 of its Business Partners to showcase their ground-breaking technological ideas. With Events and programmes like these, ESL Steel Limited wants to create an environment that will encourage learning, creativity, and the exchange of ideas within the technology ecosystem.

The participating Business Partners showcased their high-end technological breakthroughs which were all creative yet practical. Skylark Drones, Jarsh Safety, Adroitec, Perceptron Software Labs Pvt Ltd, Oxbow Intellect, Geo Climate, Sentra Solutions, XYMA Analytics, NG Nexttech and CHRP were the business partners who came from various cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida and Kolkata.

The immersive experience was designed to showcase cutting-edge technologies, facilitate networking, and provide a platform for discussing emerging trends and challenges in the technology sector. Like Skylark Drones is creating software which will help the drones to be flown automatically which will increase productivity and reduce manpower needs; similarly Jarsh Safety has designed air cooled and air conditioned industrial helmets; likewise Perceptron has developed a technology through which it could measure temperatures upto 1200 degree Centigrade at 10 places on a single rod; Adroitec showcased its 3D printers; and Oxbow Intellect showcased how it could use drones and other equipment to do Land Mapping and Management.

Most of these aforementioned hi-tech startups are populated by youth, especially their research centres. ESL Steel Limited feels that technology will play a critical role in finding solutions to many of the challenges faced by the industry today which will be led by these same young technocrats, scientists who are actively participating to build a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

In the dynamic realm of digital transformation, every click and every challenge represents an opportunity—an opportunity to innovate, to connect, and to empower our organization’s people. In this digital age, our actions resonate far beyond the present, shaping the collective future of ESL Steel Limited, said Ashish Gupta, CEO, ESL Steel Limited.

“Therefore, we must remain mindful of our decisions and endeavours toward sustainability. TechUtsav stands as a testament to the ethos of our organisation, where our esteemed tech partners showcased their visionary ideas, inspiring all to embrace a digitally empowered future,” he added.

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