Mango Day celebrated at DAV Public School Gua

Gua: Mango Day, based on the usefulness of Mango, the king of fruits, was celebrated by the little children of DAV Public School, Gua under the chairmanship of School Principal Usha Rai. On the occasion, SAIL Guava’s senior doctor Dr. Gajendra Kumar and senior manager Ashok Kumar were present as chief guests of the program.

On this occasion, small children enthralled the people by presenting one colorful dance and song. Through their acting, the children told that to always stay healthy, one should consume different types of useful fruits. On this occasion, Dr. Gajendra Kumar of Medical Cell Gua told the children that mango is a useful fruit. Mango is used in many types of delicious dishes. Use of mango is also mandatory to provide relief in Summer.

School Principal Usha Rai told that mango is an integral fruit which is useful for human beings from every point of view. Sweet, aromatic and juicy mangoes add rich taste to beverages and food. Aparna, Ayat Khan, participants dancing on Mango Day. Divyanshi, Anshuman and Ananya were there.The common act included Parash Singh, Anshuman, Naira, Aayat, Rajlakshmi, Rohit and Samantha.

Senior teacher PK Acharya conducted the stage in the program. On this occasion, Jyoti Giri, Pooja Singh, Boney Gain, Anisha Roy Choudhary and Roshan Kumari (Anchoring) were commendable among the teachers of the school.

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