Poet Buddhinath Jha receives acclaim for reciting war episode from Om Mahabharata

Bokaro: Sahityalok, renowned for its literary endeavors, hosted its monthly symposium on Saturday evening at Anjani Apartment in Chira Chas, the residence of senior literary figure Buddhinath Jha. The symposium, conducted in Maithili under Buddhinath Jha’s chairmanship and facilitated by Aman Kumar Jha, convener of Sahityalok, featured discussions by prominent figures including Arun Pathak, Rajeev Kanth, Shambhu Jha, Shailaja Jha, and Vishwanath Jha on various themes such as human sensitivity, religious devotion, customs, and behavior.

The event commenced with a prayer led by Omkar Shankar Jha, Himanshu Shankar Jha, and Aaradhya. Poetess Shailaja Jha captivated the audience with her Maithili compositions, while Rajiv Kanth and Shambhu Jha shared their insightful writings. Aman Kumar Jha recited his stories, and Arun Pathak garnered acclaim with his Hindi poem ‘Journalism’.

However, the highlight of the evening was Buddhinath Jha’s recitation from his epic ‘Om Mahabharat’, focusing on the war episode involving characters like Ashwatthama and Dronacharya, which earned him widespread praise.

Reflecting on Buddhinath Jha’s literary contributions, poet Arun Pathak expressed pride in having such a distinguished figure in Bokaro, noting Jha’s monumental work in Maithili literature. Poetess Shailaja Jha echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Jha’s significance not just for Bokaro but for all of Mithila. Aman Kumar Jha, Rajiv Kanth, and Advocate Vishwanath Jha also hailed Buddhinath Jha as a cultural icon and guardian of Maithili heritage.

The symposium concluded with renewed appreciation for literature and a celebration of Buddhinath Jha’s literary legacy.

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