First Indian in Space and Deep-Sea Exploration by 2025

by Ashis Sinha

New Delhi: World to witness 1st Indian in Space and other Indian in Deep Sea by 2025, says Union Minister of State for Science and Technology, Minister of State for Earth Sciences, Dr. Jitendra Singh.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Singh highlighted the nation’s ambitious plans to send the first Indian into space and conduct a deep-sea exploration mission.

Dr. Singh revealed that four astronauts have been selected for India’s human space mission, Gaganyaan. The mission, spearheaded by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), aims to send a manned crew on a three-day mission to space, orbiting 400 km above Earth. The selected astronauts include three Group Captains – Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair, Ajit Krishnan, and Angad Pratap – and Wing Commander Shubanshu Shukla. The mission is scheduled for 2025.

In addition to the space mission, Dr. Singh announced that India’s Deep-Sea mission, known as ‘Samudrayaan,’ will send three Indians to explore the depths of the ocean in 2025.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) is leading this initiative, which will see a crewed expedition reach a depth of 6,000 meters in the central Indian Ocean using the Matsya6000, an indigenously developed manned submersible vehicle.

Dr. Singh also highlighted recent advancements in India’s space sector, emphasizing its broader impact on agriculture, infrastructure, communication, and healthcare. He noted that the opening of the space sector to private participation has led to a surge in space startups, growing from just one in 2022 to nearly 200 by 2024, with significant private sector investment amounting to 1,000 crore.

India’s progress in space technology, including new geospatial and space policies, reflects the country’s expanding influence beyond satellite launches. Dr. Singh also mentioned India’s leadership in quantum technologies through the National Quantum Mission and ongoing efforts to harness resources from the Himalayas and marine ecosystems.

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