Gaya gets Mahatma Gandhi Sports Stadium, a milestone in rural sports infrastructure development

RNS I Gaya: In a significant development aimed at bolstering rural sports infrastructure, the Mahatma Gandhi Sports Stadium was inaugurated at +2 Janata High School in Karpi, Panchayat Jamuawan, Khijarsarai block, Gaya. The stadium, constructed under the MNREGA scheme, marks a crucial step towards enhancing sports facilities in rural areas.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by dignitaries including Shravan Kumar, Minister of Rural Development Department, Social Welfare and Food and Consumer Protection, Government of Bihar, Jehanabad MP Chandeshwar Prasad Chandravanshi, and former MLA Krishnanandan Yadav from Atari, emphasized the government’s commitment to promoting sports at the grassroots level.

Minister Shravan Kumar praised Gaya district for its progress in constructing sports stadiums and urged other districts to emulate its efforts. He highlighted the inclusion of the Sports Stadium in the MNREGA estimates, possibly making it the first such initiative in India to improve the sports ecosystem through superior infrastructure under the MNREGA scheme.

Underscoring Bihar’s dedication to developing sports facilities in rural areas to enable youth to compete nationally and internationally, Minister Kumar also ensured that Food and Consumer Protection Department recipients received ration cards, and Sports Department players received sports clothing. He expressed satisfaction with the Bihar Government’s welfare schemes, stating that initiatives like the Mahatma Gandhi Sports Stadium will provide opportunities for youth and pave the way for a brighter future.

MP Chandeshwar Prasad Chandravanshi emphasised that the MNREGA-built sports venues offer a wide array of facilities, including volleyball, badminton, basketball, kho-kho, kabaddi, long jump, high jump, football, changing rooms, and cosmetic rooms, enhancing the overall sports experience.

Speaking on occasion, the Deputy Development Commissioner of Gaya lauded the effective implementation of the Chief Minister’s vision by the Rural Development Department, led by the Additional Chief Secretary and the District Officer. This concerted effort has led to the development of rural sports infrastructure, with MNREGA-built sports stadiums in 20 blocks of Gaya district not only creating employment opportunities but also providing top-notch sports facilities for rural youth.

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