Cultural Extravaganza at Rajrappa Temple: Kala Pravah Festival Wraps Up in Grand Style

by Arun Pathak

Rajrappa: The tranquil precincts of Rajrappa temple reverberated with cultural fervor as the two-day festival, Kala Pravah, curated by Sangeet Natak Academy in collaboration with Maa Chhinnamastika Dharmik Nyas Samiti, concluded on Thursday evening amidst applause and cheers.

The highlight of the concluding day was the enchanting performance by Pt Radha Mohan Mishra and his ensemble from Bihar. Pt Radha Mohan Mishra commenced the evening with a soul-stirring rendition of Vidyapati’s Bhagwati Vandana ‘Jai Jai Bhairavi Asur Bhayuni…’, setting a serene tone. His subsequent performances, including ‘Sunu Sunu Rasiya…’, ‘Gaura Toro Sajanma Na…’, and ‘Hum Nahi Aaju Rahab Ehi Aangan Jaun Budh Hoyat Jamai…’, captivated the audience, accompanied by Rajan Kumar Mishra, Anjani Kumar Jha, Raj Kumar Rai on vocals, with Rajneesh Pathak on tabla, Aditya Jha on flute, and Paltan Mishra and Kumar Satyam on kanshi.

Following this mesmerizing musical interlude, Reena Jena from Kolkata graced the stage with an elegant Odissi dance performance.

The cultural mosaic continued with Bihar’s Chuharmal Shakti Aradhana portraying a traditional marriage event, while artists from Nari Udgar Sansthan presented the vibrant Salhesh dance. Wrapping up the festivities, Vishwadev Mahato and his team from Manbhoomi Jhumar Academy, Purulia, enthralled the audience with the energetic Jhumar dance.

The event, skillfully conducted by renowned announcer Bharti Ojha from Ranchi, saw the felicitation of participating artists by Subhashit Panda Ji, Secretary of Chhinnamastika Dharmik Nyas Samiti, Rajrappa, and Dr. Sanjay, representing Sangeet Natak Academy.

Among the attendees were numerous music and art enthusiasts, including notable figures such as Shailendra, Pawan, Vijay from Sangeet Natak Academy, and the program’s media coordinator, Arun Pathak.

The Kala Pravah festival not only celebrated cultural diversity but also served as a testament to the rich heritage of India’s performing arts, leaving an indelible mark on all those present.

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