Rajat Ritwik Shines in CBSE 2024 Exams, Secures Top Honors in Bokaro District

# Scored second place in the state with 98.8 percent marks.

Bokaro: In a remarkable feat that has brought pride to Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro and the entire district, Rajat Ritwik, a student of the Arts Faculty, has achieved outstanding results in the CBSE 12th examinations of 2024.

Rajat secured an impressive 98.8%, positioning himself not only at the top of his school but also as the leading student in Bokaro district. Statewide, he ranks a commendable second place.

The CBSE results, announced last month, initially did not reflect Rajat’s true potential as per his expectations. Dissatisfied with his marks, he opted for a re-evaluation of his answer sheets, a decision that proved to be transformative. Following the re-evaluation process, Rajat’s marks soared to 98.8%, a testament to his dedication and academic prowess.

Before re-evaluation, Rajat Ritwik’s subject-wise scores were: English: 99; History: 99; Political Science: 99; Sociology: 99 and Physical Education: 98.

Expressing jubilation over Rajat Ritwik’s exceptional achievement, Suraj Sharma, Principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro, emphasized the school’s tradition of excellence in academics and its contribution to the district and state. He hailed Rajat’s success as a significant milestone and extended heartfelt congratulations to Rajat and his parents, wishing them continued success in the future.

Principal Sharma expressed confidence in Rajat’s potential to achieve great heights, echoing the sentiments of the entire school community.

Rajat Ritwik, reflecting on his success, attributed his accomplishment to rigorous hard work, effective time management, invaluable guidance from teachers, and unwavering support from his parents.

He expressed aspirations to serve society and the nation through a career in civil services, underscoring his commitment to making a meaningful impact in his chosen path.

Acknowledging Rajat Ritwik’s achievement, Resident Acharya Param Pujya Swami Sanyuktananda Saraswati, School President Vishwarup Mukhopadhyay, Secretary Mahesh Tripathi, Treasurer R N Mallick, Vice Principal Narmendra Kumar, and all the teachers joined in congratulating him for his exceptional performance.

Rajat Ritwik’s stellar results not only underscore his academic brilliance but also serve as an inspiration to students across Bokaro district and beyond, highlighting the potential for excellence within every student.

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