SAIL Faces Major Setback with 3,300-Ton Iron Ore Excavation Loss Due to Union Slowdown

Gua: On Thursday, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) experienced a significant disruption at its Gua mine as a slowdown orchestrated by joint unions resulted in a staggering loss of 3,300 tons of iron ore excavation during the first shift.

The slowdown, which began early in the morning, saw shovel and dumper operators significantly reduce their work pace in response to four critical demands presented by the unions.

Typically, the first shift at the Gua SAIL mine achieves an excavation target of 4,500 tons of iron ore, but due to the workers’ protest, only 1,200 tons were extracted during this period.

OHP Mechanical sources revealed that the reduced productivity in the first shift has already inflicted considerable financial losses on SAIL’s management on the very first day of the protest. A comprehensive report on the outcomes of the remaining two shifts is expected to be released on Friday morning.

The workers, representing a coalition of several unions, had previously engaged in multiple discussions with SAIL management to resolve their four-point demands. However, the failure of SAIL management to address these grievances has led the joint unions to initiate an indefinite slowdown movement. The protest is spearheaded by former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda and former MP Geeta Koda, and includes organizations such as the Jharkhand Mazdoor Sangharsh Sangh, Bokaro Steel Workers Union, INTUC, Supply Mazdoor Sangh, Saranda Mazdoor Sangh, CITU, and Jharkhand Mazdoor Morcha.

The unions’ demands and the ongoing protest highlight the escalating tensions between SAIL management and the workforce, raising concerns about the future stability of operations at the Gua mine.

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