Sangeet Natak Academy’s Kala Pravah Festival Commences at Rajrappa Temple premises

# Pt. Abhiram Pathak’s Dhrupad singing mesmerises the audiences

by Arun Pathak

Rajrappa: The cultural extravaganza of Kala Pravah, curated by the Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi, commenced on Wednesday evening at the sacred grounds of Shaktipeeth Maa Chhinnamastika, Rajrappa.

Organized under the auspices of the Temple Festival Series in collaboration with Maa Chhinnamastika Dharmik Nyas Samiti, Rajrappa, the two-day event celebrates India’s rich cultural heritage.

The festival was inaugurated with ceremonial lamp lighting by Subhashit Panda, Secretary of Chhinnamastika Dharmik Nyas Samiti, Rajrappa, and Dr. Sanjay, representing the Sangeet Natak Academy. Mr. Panda lauded the Academy for its efforts in preserving Indian cultural traditions and advocated for the continuation of such cultural events in the future.

Dr. Sanjay emphasized the sacred role of art in Indian Sanatan culture, describing it as a path to spirituality and essential for societal harmony.

The highlight of the opening day was the captivating Dhrupad rendition by Pt. Abhiram Pathak, renowned for his mastery from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Accompanied by Pt. Ram Vachan Pathak alias Pt. Bachchanji Maharaj on Pakhawaj, Pt. Shyam Goswami on Harmonium, and Tanpura players Anandita Pathak, Anupama Pathak, and Shivani Kumari, Pt. Abhiram Pathak’s performance mesmerized the audience.

Following Pt. Pathak’s soulful recital, the evening continued with spellbinding Kathak dance by Soumi Sen Bose and team, traditional Kali dance by Indravati Natya Samiti from Madhya Pradesh, and a vibrant Chhau dance presentation by Bhavesh Chhau Nritya Kala Kendra artists from Saraikela, Jharkhand. The artists were honored by Subhashit Panda and Dr. Sanjay for their exceptional contributions to the cultural mosaic.

Looking ahead to the second day, Thursday promises a diverse lineup of performances including Vidyapati music by Radha Mohan Mishra and team from Bihar, Odissi dance by Reena Jena from Kolkata, Salhesh dance by artists of Nari Udgar Sansthan, and Jhoomar dance by Vishwadev Mahato and team from Purulia’s Manbhoomi Jhoomar Academy. These performances are part of an initiative to showcase cultural excellence at renowned Shaktipeeths across the country, spearheaded by Dr. Sandhya Purecha, President of the Sangeet Natak Academy.

The Kala Pravah festival not only celebrates artistic expressions but also serves as a platform to nurture and promote India’s diverse cultural heritage.

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