Team India leaves for Tehran for Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship

New Delhi: In a spirited display of determination and sportsmanship, the Indian Men’s Volleyball team bid farewell to the capital as they set off for Tehran, Iran, to participate in the highly anticipated 22nd Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship-2023.

The tournament, scheduled from August 19 to August 26, is expected to be a thrilling showcase of talent and teamwork among Asia’s top volleyball contenders. India, Qatar and Afghanistan will be in one group, sources said.

The Indian team, consisting of skilled players including Rohit Kumar, Vinayak, Amit Giulia, Vinit Kumar, Shameemudheen, Erin Verghese, Hari Prasad, Ashwal Rai, John Joseph, Jerome Vinith, Asmatullah, and Muthusamy, along with their adept coaching staff – Devendra Chauhan, Jaydeep Sarkar, Tom Joseph, and Dr Utkars – embarked on their journey from the Indian Olympic Association’s Headquarters, affectionately known as “The Olympic Bhawan,” located in New Delhi on Wednesday night.

Chief Coach of the Indian Volleyball team, Jaydeep Sarkar, expressed his optimism and determination before his departure. “Our Team India is poised to ascend the rankings in Volleyball in the days to come. We have been rigorously preparing for this championship, and our players are ready to give their best on the court,” Sarkar affirmed.

The tournament promises to be a significant platform for teams across Asia to demonstrate their prowess in the sport and foster a spirit of healthy competition. As Team India takes its journey to Tehran, the nation’s hopes and aspirations travel with them. Volleyball enthusiasts and supporters eagerly await the team’s performance, with the anticipation that their dedication and hard work will indeed make a mark on the court and contribute to the nation’s sporting legacy.

The Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship-2023 is not just a sports event but a celebration of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of athletes striving for excellence. As Team India steps onto the international stage, they carry with them the aspirations of a nation and the determination to make their mark in the world of volleyball.

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